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An alliance of civic groups and residents of New York promote sensible development in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.
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 Sunset Park

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PostSubject: Sunset Park   Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:05 pm

I ran into David Galarza who is working on a Chinese-Hispanic alliance to fight overdevelopment in Sunset Park. Here is a little about two local groups:

* The SPEAC (Sunset Park Education In Action Community) School Planning Team - a group of community residents and allies seeking to open a new public community school in Sunset Park with a focus on wellness and social justice. This school will be founded on
* A BELIEF that youth succeed in an individualized, responsive, and rigorous learning environment with clear relevance to the world around them.
* AN AWARENESS that wellness is the intersection of social, economic, and environmental justice, individual health, and community strength.
* AN UNDERSTANDING that students, families, teachers, and neighbors play an active role as community builders working towards a healthier, more just world.
* A COMMITMENT to developing sustainable wellness both within our walls and in the community beyond.

* SPAN (Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors)
- a collective of Sunset Park residents organizing to protect the community from over-development and gentrification.

SPAN (Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors) is a group of people who love the community of Sunset Park, Brooklyn and are committed to its preservation and empowerment. We are committed to open and honest communication and education about the past, present and future of our diverse community. We recognize and
work to preserve the economic, racial, ethnic and generational diversity of our community. Together, we can maintain and create an environment where all can freely and enthusiastically enjoy everything Sunset Park has to offer, in the present and future, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality.

Here are some links that I've found on the topic:





Here is a Sunset Park message board:

Here is another Sunset Park message board:

Here's a link to their "Save the Vista" website:
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Sunset Park
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